Tuan Hue, THI
Graduate Student , School of Computer Science and Engineering
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Level 4, 223 Anzac Parade, Kensington, NSW, 2033, Australia
Phone: +61 2 8306 0447
Mobile : 0404 659 624
Email: huetuan1984@gmail.com
Web: http://huetuan.net

I was born in 1984 in Dalat, Lam Dong province, Vietnam. Since my childhood, I moved to several places around Lam Dong with my family. Lam Dong is in South Middle of Vietnam, which is a Highland with lots of moutains, lakes, and waterfalls, and specialises in vegetables, coffee, and tourism. Our main city, Dalat, is known as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam.

Like any other Vietnamese, I am a great fan of this sport. I play soccer every Saturday with my MP4 team at Usyd's soccer field.
I usually play defender, but when the chance comes, I never hesitate to push forward and make use of my fierce shots :)
After playing soccer for more than 12 years, I also have my own list of some useful soccer tips:

  1. If you are a defender playing on the sides and defensing an opponent attacker, you should not let his body treat you, but concentrate on the ball and it movement, while always try to slow down the attack speed of the attacker. Only drive your leg in when you are sure that it will touch the ball, otherwise he will easily make use of your mistake and pass through.
  2. If you can get the ball back from your opponent, quickly kick them to the other side (where your teammates are of course), in order words, try to pass the ball in the vertical direction, and not horizontal, since it is really dangerous if a horizontal pass get caught by the opponent. As a note, never rush, always in an active position with a calm mind :)
  3. There are two typical type of shots I often use, one of them is to pass the ball up high using the internal side of the foot (used when you pass the ball to the far side), this shot is typically useful for defender to pass the ball in the far distance and with not much effort. The other kind is to use the upper part of the foot to shoot the ball, this shot is really powerful and fast, and can be used when we do the attack kick to the goal. The downstream of this kick is that it is too powerful to be controlled, so much effort must be put in to make it both fast and accurate.

Travel, Photography
Since I was a child, I already went to several places in the South of Vietnam (since my dad's hometown and my mum's hometown are in different provinces, and I often came to visit my relatives every summer break). After I finished my High School in Lam Dong, I attended a Pre-departure program (for Australian Undergraduate scholarship) in Hanoi (our capital city, in the North of Vietnam), so I also used that chance to visit several tourism places in the North. Then, when I arrived at Australia, its nature and tourism service really amazed me, and up to now, I have already been through many great places in Australia. Some of my photos during this time can be found at my Memoriter homepage. It would be nice if in the future I can have a chance to visit some places in Africa, Europe, and US.

I only found out recently that Asian tends to sing Karaoke more than Western people do. I love singing since I was a child (affected by so many childhood interests :D), and even when I come to Australia, after only few months, my friends and I have discovered several Karaoke places (with Vietnamese songs), and those places become our destination for every birthday party. My singing voice is actually getting better after those years singing in Sydney lol. Again, some tips can be found when singing are, firstly, get used to the rythm of the song you are singing, and by knowing the coming parts, our voice will match the rythm which in turns, makes it sound good. Again, never rush, always in an active position with a calm mind :)

I started to play Keyboard 3 years ago, and I learn to play all on my own. It's kinda hard that you learn something without supervision, most of the time, you know what should be done but figure out how to get to that point is not a trivial thing at all. By learning to play Keyboard (Piano style), I know it is hard to be perservering on doing something again and again, sometimes you feel lost, and just about to give up, but if you dont rush yourself and gradually put more efforts, the happiness you achieve is really deserving.
I found two mailing lists on piano notes that are really helpful, you can almost find any note there: sheetmusicforall@yahoogroups.com and Piano_Files@yahoogroups.com. If you are looking for any particular note, please feel me to send me an email.

I draw a lot, most of them might make no sense to anyone since I often draw abstract stuff (which represents my feeling at that time, but even me after some time I cant even know what I was drawing :D). Sometimes I do draw something looks nice, with every picture of this kind, I often give a name, and sometimes a imaginary story.

Bowling, Pool
I started to play lots of Bowling and Pool ganes since I came to Australia, it's kinda fun and competitive as well.

Computer Games
I enjoyed playing games since I was at primary school, some popular ones are Mario, Tank Shooter, Soccer, and when I first got my Computer, I played Age of Empires I, II, Counter Strike (Halflife), and Warcraft. I also used to represent my High School class to compete in some game competitions in Counter Strike and Age of Empires. These days, I get too "excited" into the all kinds of projects around, so dont have much time for those games, but I'm always in my best position if someone wants a Counter Strike challenge :)

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